• Kraft Arenena
  • Kraft Arenena
  • Voller in Texas
  • Voller und Wayne
  • Voller-und-Pilawa
  • Kraft Arenena
  • Voller und Carlo
  • Voller und Thomas Gottschalk
  • Voller und Yvonnea
  • Voller-BossHoss
  • Voller Kindertag Travememünde
  • Jet
  • Voller & Markus Lanz
  • Leuchtturm
  • Windrad
  • Voller-und-Patty
  • Voller mit Volker Rachow
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PostHeaderIcon Eighties, Eighties ... I hear the Eighties.

I see Dallas, Dynasty, Terrahawks,
He-Man, Tom and Jerry, Dukes of Hazzard,
Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Rambo, Road Runner,
Daffy Duck, The A-Team, The A-Team, I see the A-Team.

I want to be a soldier, street fighter, be a policeman, A captain of a boat - big boat.
I want to be a magic man, a cowboy,
a train driver, high jump champion,
a fireman, a pilot, I want to be your friend.

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